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Executing a contract is stressful. Once you sign, your company is bound by the terms you negotiated. Before you make your mark, you need to be certain your counterparty didn’t make unannounced changes or inadvertently sign an outdated version.

Unfortunately, this vital process is time-consuming and error-prone. And while you’re going line-by-line, the Sales team and C-Suite anxiously await the good news - often very anxiously.

Designed to get you up and running without any learning curve, Compare makes the checking process as easy as one, two, three: upload documents, click Run Compare, see any changes.

Want to see Compare in action? Get a peek behind the curtain and see just how easy it is to:

  1. Upload documents of varying format types.
  2. Identify and review every discrepancy.
  3. Download a comparison results document.